Melissa Troutt: Outdoors Summer 2015

Shooting outside is always a bit of a chance with the weather. I spend enough time outdoors in the woods photographing, hiking, and backpacking that I’m usually pretty good about reading the weather. Sometimes though you know you might get wet, and you just take the chance. This is a case of the latter, and one that was worth it.

Melissa Troutt and I set out to this remote waterfall on a cool summer morning between storms. It wasn’t a short or easy hike to get there, but we made it and started working. It had been a long hike up there, but I figured we had a good hour before we’d get rained on, enough time to work and not get too wet on the way out. I missed that time estimate by about fifty-five minutes. Fortunately my gear could handle light rain and we were able to work for a while before the harder rainfall set in bringing an end to the outdoor part of our day. A short time there, but I think you’ll agree we made the most of it.

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